Dry Fußbodenheizung systems can be used practically in any type of building: in old tenement houses, apartments, public utility buildings, both newly built and renovated ones.

It is the best solution where the installation of Fußbodenheizung was not planned. The light weight and low thickness of the Eco Thermo Floor boards, as well as the best technical parameters of the system and a variety of materials used make it possible to apply the solution practically everywhere, in rooms with high humidity level and in dry rooms: in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, production halls, wooden houses, low attics, on joists and concrete floors. Fußbodenheizung systems based on Eco Thermo Floor boards have lower thermal inertia. Since the pipes are in close proximity to the floor surface, the thermal effect can be felt almost immediately after the system activation. It takes very little time to warm up the rooms and achieve the desired temperature. In addition, the feeling of gentle warmth underfoot is very relaxing. In Fußbodenheizung systems using concrete screed, this process takes about 4-5 hours, since first the screed needs to warm up enough to radiate the heat upwards. Moreover, the installation of the Fußbodenheizung based on Eco Thermo Floor allows to reduce the construction or renovation time by up to 3 months. The dry system eliminates the need for concrete, which is used in conventional systems and needs to be dried well first. After installing the pipes into the Eco Thermo Floor system boards, the heating system is ready for use. It is also possible to install floor panels, wood or ceramic tiles on top of the installation, making the home instantly ready for moving in.